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Subject: Fantasy Chess Video Game

i've been having this idea for a video game....
where you play chess and there would be a picture of a generated battle (not battlechess though! :))

let's say the left half of the screen would be the chessboard where you play the game, and the other half would be a computer generated image of some kind of fight. maybe the fight could be between a knight and a dragon, or maybe two monsters. it would be important that the two video opponents start out as equals, though, i guess, since chess is like that.
i guess it could be one player against a computer or 2 human players.

anyway.... i was figuring it could work out as a kind of choose-your-own-adventure thing (sort of), where every path would be different and there would always be new things to discover... since chess has so many possibilities, there are so many different ways the game can go. i don't know what the changes might be exactly. maybe different settings for the battle.

advantages for one side or the other might be shown with one of the characters growing a little and the other one shrinking.

the weather might change when there are dramatic changes in the position or something. i don't know.

i think it's a neat little idea anyway. maybe i'll try to make a game like that on my own somehow. seems like fun.
but i know chess is so complicated and it would hard to be able to really get a good imagined picture of what's actually going on. but that's what the goal is i guess.
and to maybe treat it like any other video game with neat graphics and good plain fun.



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sounds like a great idea

to me.
if you ever got this running, please give me a call:)
ps. i'd like to see pic's as in the "lord of the rings" films or something like that:)

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