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Subject: Fav Opening(s)

I thought it might be interesting to ask players: "Do you have a favorite opening" & if so, what is it that you like about it so? Perhaps a Fav vs e4 and vs d4? Or several ?



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My favourite is the sveshnikov sicilian! Simply love it! And well I actually love playing against all variations of the sicilian except the classical, and perhaps sveshnikov :-). What I like... the open positions that result.. the active piece play etc etc!

Against d4 i used to play KID, now play f5, but I am not such a big fan of either...

I am now planning on trying new openings.. I have always been a 1.e4 play (barring minor experimentations), but I wish to expand my repertoire soon.. so I am trying to join mini tournaments with interesting openings in which I have limited knowledge! So would also be up for a series of games in any particular opening against any players stronger than me!! :-).



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i almost always play 1.e4, but sometimes 1.f4
i don't like sicilians and i always play 2.c3 against it.
against 1.d4 i usually play the budapest defense and i will try my best to learn this really well, because it seems like a great idea against 1.d4 and 2.c4. it is very simple to play, and i really like it. i like to play the 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 Ng4 4.Bf4 g5 line.... and i'm thinking of playing 4...Bc5 against 4.Nf3, because i have poor results using 4.Nf3 Nc6 5.Bf4 Bb5+ 6.Nc3 Qd7
sometimes i also play 1...f5 leningrad and QGD tarrasch.

against 1.e4 i play 1...Nf6 most often, but i'm thinking of trying something different because my results aren't very good.
maybe 1...b6 or another opening where i hold back my center pawns for a little bit. maybe a pirc. i don't know.



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I too have recently discovered the Budapest Defense, against beginners and intermediate players you can play for a few traps... theres a beautiful cheapo checkmate in the Rubenstein variation.

The Alder Variation is the hardest to play against 4.Nf3 bc5 5. e3 Nc6... it then gets rather complicated!

But the Normal, Rubenstein, Alekhine variations along with the gambit refutations are really easy to get to grips with.

This opening exerts a good deal of pressure on the white position and white can struggle to find a safe way through this opening if not prepared to deal with it.




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Teacher, mother, secret lover

Ah, the Petrov! What opening compares to thee? What other opening could have forced Leko to abandon the kingpawn? How often do I hear the groans from the other side of the virtual chessboard: "The Petrov?! What did I do to deserve this!" Yea, have I not heard this very lament from Craig Collister himself?*

Thou uninitiated ones! You flee to thy mother's bosom with 3 Nc3, you carelessly cast your knights at me via 4 Nxf7! And yet these avail you not. Stand fast, join bravely, let us t'the pell-mell...and in vain, all in vain.

*In a casual discussion following a series of net-games in which Craig spanked me with the greatest authority, of course. Something like 0-5.



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I absolutely love the Caro-Kann. I can't explain it but it seems like the only defense that I can play well. Against 1.d4 I used to play the KID but I think I need to brush up on it some more because I'm not having good success with it as of late. Perhaps it is because I rarely play against anyone who plays 1.d4

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