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enter this chess site..!



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is it yours?

No content yet, as far as I can see. So why should you advertise it here?



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Just a reminder

If any website can be called "Bobby Fischer's Website," it's . I've never been completely clear whether this has been maintained by RJF himself or some devoted, in-the-know toady, but it's a good representation of the workings of the man's mind. I should warn you that Bobby's paranoia has resulted in this being a fairly offensive website.



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I just read the 'Statement of facts' about Fischer's detainment and deportation from Japan linked from the aforementioned site. I've never read such a biased and venemous diatribe outside of a white supremacy website.

Ignoring the writer's ignorance of proper punctuation and paragraph structure, here are a couple of my favorite excepts from this account:

"Obviously the filthy Jew-controlled U.S. government preferred to illegally and criminally grab and destroy Bobby's passport only when Bobby was not in neutral Switzerland."

"Even the translator conceded to Bobby in Spanish that in his opinion Bush is a monster!"

"He broke that promise about 5 minutes later when he left the Narita airport immigration lockup with Bobby's passport! Jesus, usually it takes even a Jew a little longer than that to break his word!"

I also love the "unbiased" characterizations the author attributes to the antagonists in the story, quite the embellishment for someone who wasn't actually a witness of the events:

"He was blocked by a smirking young immigration security type."

"Then he looked at Bobby intently and maliciously and with twinkling eyes shot out..."

It all leads me to one overwhelming question, why do the Jews want Bobby Fischer dead?



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News to me

I was also unaware that the Jews are in control of "Time" magazine and the "American Chess Journal". That Bobby Fischer website is just a wealth of information.



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I warned you...

...though I must confess, I find it entertaining that Bobby believes that, apart from all his other "enemies," the Bekins Moving & Storage Company is out to get him.

And to stay on-topic, it appears that the topic-leading website is still fairly thin on content.



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i tried to create some pages too mith my minimal internet its free it has limited space to put files because of that i cant put more files for now unfortunately.. its my first try and i hope to learn frontpage and html lol.(and also i hope to have a domain and a membership here in GK--How big expectations?...)

here is the link.

See you...Happy New Year Again..




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I was born and raised in.....

New York City and was there from '42 till
I joined the Air Force in '65. I started
playing chess in '57 in the different tournaments
they would have in the City Parks.

I had the oppourtunity to watch Bobby Fischer
play in the Marshall and Manhatten Chess Clubs
in the late '50s.

I personally met Bobby Fischer in '62 when I was
one of 50 that played in an informal simul he held.

All I remember is that we met and played somewhere
in Washington Square Park, NYC. I was one of the college
students et. al. that he played. I went to St. Francis
College in Brooklyn. All I saw was a very skinny
but very friendly guy.

I am now '62 and I believe he is about the same age.

Bobby Fischer was a great chess player. As I mentioned
above he seemed to be a very friendly person as well.

I am amazed at how he has changed over the years.
In the early '70s his paranoia was evident back
then. I read about when he "quit" playing chess
and began ranting and raving.

He does spout anti-Semetic/American comments
but Bobby Fischer is a Jewish/American. He made
no sense to me back then and makes even less sense

Fischer had the makings to go down in history as
the best chess player ever. He sure changed
from the skinny and friendly person I met in
the late '50s and early '60s. It was all his
doing. Just like he played the game of chess
he played the game of life, his way.



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Thanks, Chuck...

...for that compelling memoir. It would be easy to dismiss the man were he not so brilliant. I suspect it is because he is a flawed gem that we continue to find him so intriguing. Consider RJF in contrast to Karpov--Anatoly was clearly a player of great strength, but he is as dull as the day is long (I remember reading once that he listed his hobbies as "stamp collecting and Marxism"). But Bobby offers us sublime chess *and* unending controversy. It must be exhausting to have been so paranoid for so many decades.

Well, it seems that RJF will be with us for quite some time yet--many more years for us to all argue about his legacy. Maybe Bobby will even challenge Steinitz to a match over an invisible telephone wire...



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Stop the excuses

RJF is and has been mad for a long time. If not American would have been dismissed long ago as a novelty. He was brilliant at chess, but that does not excuse his ravings. You find him so intriguing do you? Don't confuse the chess player from the person. If Karpov lead a quiet life, far better for chess than the life Fischer had since winning world championship. What wonderful chess has he given anyone since, not the rematch of no relavance. In the late 70's or 1980 could have played Karpov for millions but didn't, keep his bat and ball again



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You can't have it both ways, if Bobby is insane then surely that does excuse his ravings. If the rematch had no relevence then why is he in custody? Stop your condemnation.



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Bucklehead said

in an early post on this thread "I've never been completely clear whether this has been maintained by RJF himself or some devoted, in-the-know toady, but it's a good representation of the workings of the man's mind."
I've got a copy of the RJF pamphlet, "I was Tortured in the Pasadena County Jailhouse" and there's no question in my mind the they were written by the same guy. Very sad to see that kind of thing from the same mind that wrote "My Sixty Memorable Games.

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