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Subject: FISCHER's latest interview !!!

perhaps, this could be of some interest to FISCHER's fans...

just at this moment, FISCHER was interviewed for 1 hour over an overseas call in a local radio in the philippines by one of his few best friends GM TORRE. the interview was very interesting and enlightening. here are some of the excerpts:

1. he is being detained in a university transformed into prison located at far-flung province in japan. in fact, he has a cellmate who happens to be a chessplayer too, who by accident, is also a filipino !

2. he narrated his long itinerary "hongkong-switzerland-macau-hongkong" before he was arrested in japan. these travels showed that he had a valid passport which the japanese claimed it otherwise.

3. by analogy, he compared his case with that of ARNOLD SCHWAZENEGGER who, while still a private US citizen, travelled to japan without a valid passport, but still accommodated by the local authorities as a celebrity.

4. he does not and will never play chess anymore. he claimed that chess is a cheat such that prearranged results can be easily made. he talked more of fischer random.

5. he hated being tagged by japanese as a mere FORMER GM. according to him, there is no such thing as former GM because even retired GMs are not called as such.

6. he talked about his "good-time spree" with GM LARRY EVANS. he commented on EVAN's latest media column entitled "FISCHER IS LOSING HIS ENDGAME"?

7. if given a chance, he considers the offer of ICELAND of residence. However, we will be grateful if the philippines would offer the same.

8. he declared that he is a great lover of nature. he talked about AMERICAN's participation in the destruction of nature particularly in INDONESIA.

9. he clarified why the JEWS aspired for the total extinction of ELEPHANTS. he also thinks that SCHWAZENEGGER is a certified jew.

10. he sang a 1965 hit slow-rock song somewhat entitled "are you in for a total destruction".

11. he talked about the AMERICAN justice system particularly when an accused is convicted of death penalty.

12. he mentioned a particular book written many years ago about the most outstanding jews and his name was included therein. he demanded then that his name be excluded in the list. this reaction was one of the reasons why he is being SINGLED OUT.

these are all i could remember. he will be interviewed again next week by the same radio station. will keep you posted.

regards to the GK community.



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Very good info

Nice to know there are people out there given none opinion, but facts related to such great player as Bobby Fisher.



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Proffesional work! Is this copyed from somewhere or is it you work, matadordelrey ?



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i did and heard it myself....thanks..

it was accident. my TV broke down and i turned on the radio to monitor a local news. all of a sudden, i heard GMs TORRE and RJ FISCHER talking via telephone in a radio.



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Possibly "Eve of Destruction"?

A 60's hit later remade in the 90's. Starts off "The Eastern world / It is exploding / Violence flaring / Bullets loading / You're old enough to kill / But not for voting / You don't believe in war / But what's that gun you're toting? / And even the Jordan River / Has bodies floating / And you tell me / Over and over and over again, my friend / That you don't believe / We're on the eve of destruction."

Perhaps Fischer sees this as the End of Days . . .



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you're probably...

right fmgaijin. if i could recall the lyrics right, it was something like it pertained to destruction of nature.



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matadordelrey for giving us this information!

Best wishes

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