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Subject: A Weird Game

This is about a recntly played game . This is the board number : 3659863
In case it doesn't work well , or I put the wrong number in by mistake , here are all the moves .

1. e4 c5 2. d4 cxd4 3. Qxd4 Nc6 4. Qd2 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5
6. a3 a6 7. Nf3 Bc5 8. Qe2 h6 9. h3 O-O 10. Be3 Bxe3
11. Qxe3 Re8 12. Bc4 d6 13. O-O Be6 14. Bxe6 Rxe6 15. Rfe1 d5
16. exd5 Nxd5 17. Nxd5 Qxd5 18. Rad1 Qb5 19. b4 Rae8 20. Qc5 Qxc5
21. bxc5 e4 22. Nd4 Nxd4 23. Rxd4 f5 24. Rb4 b5 25. cxb6 Rb8
26. f3 e3 27. b7 g5 28. Kf1 f4 29. c4 Re7 30. Reb1 Rc7
31. g3 fxg3 32. Ke2 Re7 33. c5 Kf8 34. R1b3 Rc7 35. Rc3 g2
36. Rc1 Rbxb7 37. Rxb7 Rxb7 38. Rg1 Rc7 39. Rxg2 Rxc5 40. a4 Ra5
41. Rg4 Kf7 42. Kxe3 Kf6 43. h4 Re5+ 44. Kf2 Kf5 45. hxg5 hxg5
46. f4 gxf4 47. Kf3 Re4 48. a5 Ra4 49. Rh4 Ra3+ 50. Ke2 Kg5
51. Rh1 Rxa5 52. Kd2 Kg4 53. Rg1+ Kh3 54. Ke2 Kh2 55. Rg6 Ra4
56. Kf3 a5 57. Rf6 Kg1 58. Rc6 Rb4 59. Rc1+ Kh2 60. Rc5 a4
61. Kf2 Rb3 62. Rh5+ Rh3 63. Ra5 a3 64. Ra6 Kh1 65. Kf1 Rf3+
66. Ke2 Rb3 67. Kf1 Rb1+ 68. Kf2 Rb2+ 69. Kf3 a2 70. Kxf4 Kg2
I wanted to ask one question . Why did my opponent resign a drawn game . Did darknessofknight not even see that he could draw it becuase his King was ahead of mine on the race to get to a2. Maybe , he had other things in mind like 71. Rg6+ Kf2 72. Rh6 threatening 73. Rh2+ (although it doesn't work , 72. a1=Q 73. Rh2+ Kg1 74 . Rxb2 Qxb2 1-0) . Could anyone tell me what any side could do to try and win ?



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The final position is as you say definitely a draw if white simply plays 71.Ke3. I do wonder whether towards the end 53...Kf3 would not have been better? That looks very promising to me.

Looking at the whole game, white made a number of positionally really weird moves 3.Qxd4 is of course theory, but following it up with Qd4-d2-e2 seems anti-positional to me. The position after 7...Bc5 reminds me a bit of the 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nf3 variation, which is not at all good for white. However black didn't really profit from it all, where h6 & a6 really necessary? And the whole plan with Re8+Be6+Rxe6 seems a bit passive to me, maybe b7-b5 + Bb7 would have been more active.

A bit later one really wonders why white was so eager to play 20.Qc5?, which ruins his own pawn structure. Okay, in compensation b7 is weak, but is it really worth it? So then white actually gets two passed pawns, but instead of really using them he just defended them and got hit by a tactical counter-blow following 35...g2.

Finally before his 46th move, white should surely have a comfortable draw, but then he tries to be clever by playing 46.f4?, when the pawn endgame after 46...Kxg4? is typical drawn pawn endgame (that's presumably what he hoped for), but after 46...gxf4! black has all the winning chances (in fact I'm reasonably sure it is winning for black, but don't take my word for it). Then white actually blunders his rook by 47.Kf3?? when 47...Re3 would have won the black rook. 48.a5?? allows the same thing, again. 49.Rh4 finally prevents it, but black gets a second extra pawn and the position ought to be winning in my opinion, but 53...Kh3 probably spoilt the winning chances (or extremely reduced them, ask an endgame study composer whether there was still something after that...)



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GK-players can do a lot of things, ...

but I doubt that anyone is a thought-reader. I am not telepathic either, so I just played through your game and ask one (!) question to you:

Why did you give away a clear winning-line and didn�t capture your opponent�s rook in move 47. - Kxg4 ?
Did you not even see, that after 48. fxe5 Kf5 you will win the King�s race (White to capture your g-pawn and run towards a1, Black to capture the white a-pawn and block the promotion space a1)?
Maybe you had other things in mind like a single a-pawn or h-pawn is not enough to win a game?

In this game both players missed better moves.
White should have protected his easily won pawn with 26. Re1-b1, it looks like Black forgot about the en-passant-rule before. In my eyes White would have excellent chances for a win by that.
Twenty moves later Black missed to initiate an easily-won pawn-endgame.

Your post made me feel that you were feeling superior to your opponent. I can�t see any reason for that, that�s why I wrote about the improvement in move #47. Of course, other people often find improvements in my games, too - I appreciate that, but my happiness about a won game is reduced, at least I can say I was the luckier player.

In my opinion this game�s fair result should have been a draw - but this time you were the luckier player.



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Misato: I assume you mean 46...Kxg4? That does actually not win. The problem is that black will *not* win the king's race. Well, in a way he will, in so far as he will end up winning white's a-pawn, but white will get a rather typical drawn endgame against a/h-pawn.



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bonsai, our posts crossed

Although you are +100 in your ratings (GK as well as German rating DWZ) I stick to my analysis concerning 46. - Kxg4. The expected final position should be
White (1): Kd3
Black (2): Bb3, Pa6
with White to move (and to resign).

Sorry for the typo, I was talking about move #46 (not #47, sometimes I am one move ahead ...), I agree that 46. - gxf4 gives Black excellent chances as well. But I prefer pawn-endgames because they are easier, you must know about opposition and should be able to count correctly - I hope I did ...



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you are correct, bonsai

the +100 are justified:
46. - Kxg4 47. fxe5 Kf5 48. Kg3 Kxe5 49. Kg4 Kd5 50. Kxg5 Kc5 51. Kf4 Kb4 52. Ke3 Kxa4 53. Kd2 Ka3 54. Kc1 Ka2 draw
So Black was correct to play 46. - gxf4, but missed the win afterwards. Sorry!



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Yes , should've seen it

bonsai and misato , you players are right with all your comments that I should've played and me as a real big themtic nuisance forgot the en passant rule , I was trying to defend my pawn in a better utilized alternative , and my move 47.Re4 was a slip becuase I do not use Submit/Confirmation button and I significantly admit that 53. Kf3 was a good move , but at the end , 71.Resign was the best he could do to please me , but he is not (please don't inform him and no offense) that
of an analytical player , I mean , he doesn't analyse much by looking at the potential blunders he makes although I was looking for 70. Rg6+ Kf2 71. Ra6 Ke2
1-0. Anyway , you players are stronger so it should be obvious that you could easily point out blunders that occured in a significantly , lower rated player's games .

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