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Subject: Opening Preference(for fun) Survey ...

I'm just curious how GK players feel about their opening choices, as in the following hypothetical circumstances; suppose:
1) Your opponent opened with 1.d4 , what opening would you choose if you absolutely had to:
A- Win ?
B- Draw (aka Not Lose)
2) Same Question vs 1.e4 to:
A- Win ?
B- Draw/not lose ?
3) IF you Had To WIN with White:
A- What would you open with ?
B- What would you hope to face as a Defense ?
This all is not necessarily just to ask what Opening(s) would be soundest, or most enterprising objectively, as in the hands of a GM or such; but just as much or moreso, which ones YOU would put your hope and faith in . Whether based upon your knowlege of it, your past results with it, or just hoping to catch someone off-
guard with something unusual or uncommon. Or any other reasons; and feel free to indicate WHY you would go with your choices, tho that is not a requirement either.
But it would be interesting to hear your thoughts processes on it.
BONUS Question:
4) Which situation would you rather find yourself in if the game result would allow you to win the tourney ...
A- You must defeat a player of equal rating, or
B- You need to Draw a player rated 200 points higher than you ?
5) IF you had to lose a game to one of them, would you rather it be to:
A- The 11 year old local prodigy {who needs only 14 minutes to play the whole game, and draws superhero cartoons while waiting for you to move}
B- A player of the opposite gender who can't help yawning after each move they make, and gives you that look that says you are not their idea of a suitable Prom date after each move You make}
C- Your Arch-Rival who just joined your employer & got paired with you in Round one of the company Single-Elimination tourney; whom you last played and lost to during Finals of your High School Championship despite dishing out a pounding for 47 moves, then losing because due to 'Touch Move Rule', who has never let you forget "your game was hopeless from the start" & your spouse would never have left them after dating 3 years, if not from sympathy for you being such a miserable Chess player.
}8-) ....... It's your choice :))
Regards, Craig A.C.



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Great questions.....

good questions Craig, I'll try and have a go at answering ;-))

against d4:

needing to win, I'd probably play Budapest gambit (probably know better than most opponenets) or King's Indian Defence (lots of opportunities for both sides, have also played quite a bit, so happy witht he positions liekly to arise)

needing to draw, maybe try Queen's Indian or semi-slav (althoguh many openigns have variations which are difficult to break down if played correctly)

against e4:

to win, schliemann variation in Ruy Lopez (rarely played but excellent and sound try), or Latvian gambit (very double edged, not welkl known to many e4 players)
to draw, french (yawn!!)

Having to win with white, definitely e4 (or occasionally d4!!) -depends on opponet. generally would chose e4, but maybe d4 to head for Blackmar doiemer gambit or some such lesser known opening.
Would like to face 1....e5, allowing King's gambit.

Definitely prefer to have to beat a similar rated opponent.

None of the above, although maybe the latter would have annoyed you sufficiently to allow to pleasure of meeting after the chess for some alternate combat activities ;-)))

Keep up the great posts Craig - makes the forums worth visiting.

PS If any of my future oppoentns are reading the above, be careful what you believe!!



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My answers to: Opening & Just For Fun Survey

{ a.k.a. pastime for insomniacs }
* * *
1. A-Grunfeld Defense (Black will get a good endgame if WT doesnt stick him in a middle game, that I think should give either side chances ... & know some edgy lines to try. And not being current on latest KI fads)
B-King's Indian (due to good not-losing history with it)
2. A-Sicilian & try for a Najdorf
B-CaroKann (some drawish lines with little risk available)
3. Got to play 1.e4 ... B-Hope they play Diamano's Defense !! :))
4. Well I differ on this one: Postal/Corr Chess I'd rather need the Draw, but in OTB I'd rather need the win vs an equal player. Not to say Corr is Drawish, just that OTB guarantees more errors in a game IMO (At least when it's me at the board, it does! :)
5. Easy one: Going with "A" due to "Been there/Done that/survived it" Twice; 3 times counting the nine year old when I was 12.
[Absolutely not B! It could be a former boss, as described, or my Ex. ] :(
* * * * *



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Question 1:
Doesn't matter, because chess at my level is full of mistakes.

Question 2: Same answer.

Question 3: Same answer.

Question 4: I choose A (defeat a player of equal ranking).

Question 5: I choose A again (In fact, I have already had my but kicked by an 8 year old).



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Why do you always ask the difficult questions??

1) Benoni to win, maybe KI to draw (though with my recent record I should probably say "Benoni to lose." Son of my sorrows, oh yeah, I get that.)

2) You know me, Craig: Petrov to win! Snicker all you want, Petrov-haters...

3A) You mean it's possible not to open with 1. e4?
3B) Fred Defense (1 e4 f5)

4) Gotta play for the win. My endgame skills are weak enough that a draw in such a 200-rating-gap situation would be bleak at best.

5) The arch-rival, without's extremely un-Christian of me, but the animal inside rejoices at the possibility of bloody revenge.



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Q1: 1.d4 - 1... f5 (in both cases);
Q2: 1. e4 - 1. ... c6 or 1. ... e5 (in both cases), depending what I know about opponent;
Q3: White: 1. e4 - expecting 1. ... e5 or 1. ... c6
1. ... c5 creates for me situation when I've do further decision
Q4: both is OK; I prefer to play against slightly stronger opponent and try to win...
If it goes for a draw, then it's ok too
Q5: ?



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Q1 A: King's Indian
Q1 B: Bogo Indian (ok, I'm boring)
Q2 A: Sicilian (Classical if possible)
Q2 B: The Classical Caro-Kann (4... Bf5)
Q3 A: 1. e4 Is what I play no matter what unless I know I can get a Tamprowsky (1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5)
Q3 B: The Evans Gambit (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4!?)
Q4: B
Q5: definately C



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always play king indian for white, it has won me 3 tournaments.. i try to play as much king indian as possible on this site but there are a lot of people that can just slaughter my opening lol
i once lost to a 2nd grader at a chess tournament.. got beat up pretty bad too as a matter of fact. One of the worst moment in chess history.. lol

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