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Subject: Chess exploited.

In many movies today, mostly action movies like James Bond, an intelligent character playes chess. This is not only often shown by a chessboard setup somewhere, but also in numeral references to chess in the dialogue.

Chess has been recognized as *the* intellectual game, which of course is great for chess overall. What annoys me with this is that not only is the chessboard setup often completely wrong, but the dialogue that refers to chess is wrong as well. The latest I saw was something like this:
"Well played, you have mate in 5 moves."
"Thank you, yes, you are mate in 5."
"Yes , but I have mate in 3."

It seems the common perception is that, even without developed pieces, if you're smart enough; you will be able to create a mate in one with your pure intellectual power. In some movies a character can just walk by a game, which gives the air of being a complex game, and see a mate in three. Note: A great chessplayer will spot a mate in three in a few seconds. An average chessplayer will spot a mate in three in a few seconds.

How hard can it be to learn basic rules and movement of pieces if you're developing a multimillion dollar project? If you're about to profit on the intellectual brand created by chessplayers devoting their whole life to the game, as an author, you could at least be bothered as how to move or even more so, how to express yourself correct when it comes to terminology.

While chessplayers worldwide could boycott movies containing flawed information about chess, I'm not sure whether this will force authors to re-boycott or if the actually will take a few moments to learn the game.


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sympathetic but relatively pessimistic comment comes in form of a link:


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I couldnt agree more, If you are spending millions of dollars on actors and special effects and whatever else, you could at least consult a chessplayer to get a real position and some real terminology, its not like you need to hire out Topolov as a consultant at 25,000 an hour. The average player could dramatically help...

Nice article alberlie

Anyone else excited for the NFL draft?

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In contrast--

Chess games have played a more respectable role in a few novels. My favorite is "The Flanders
Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte". The books is a literate murder mystery by a popular Spanish
author. Chess players and a chess game depicted in a painting play a critical role in the plot. The
initial position shown for the chess game in the painting is a bit contrived, more like a problem
than a game, but the analysis of the play is good. It is unusual because the characters analyse
the games backwards as well as forwards. Meaning that part of the problem is to understand
where the pieces were before the position shown on the board. The book is translated from
Spanish, and there are a few glitches in the translation of the chess jargon, but you can figure it

Alberlie, thanks for the link to the Harry Potter game. It was entertaining.

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I figured out the kernel...

...of the Harry Potter game - the relative positions of Hermione, Ron and Harry, the WQ, WK and BK fairly easily, but realised that Harry's announcement of 'Checkmate' was not correct (it's mate in 2): the Q had to be able to intervene. I wondered who had composed the position. The choice of opening - Centre Counter - was fine, too: a viable opening (one of my favorites as a schoolboy) that immediately answers Hermione's question: 'Is this ... (gulp) ... Wizard's Chess?'
I recall back in the 1960's a British TV spy series/serial which featured the final moments of a game Ed. Lasker vs Sir George Thomas. I also discovered (by accident) that the game played on an episode of 'Lexx' (TV series) a few years ago was also an actual master game. Indeed the whole episode was about the game, that Kai (the dead guy, playing Black) had to win to save his friends. Unfortunately I didn't note down the players...

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