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Subject: Chess School of Hard Knocks

Inline, somewhat, with an earlier thread by Craig Mc (the tierless forum poster who has too many c's in his name) I would like to discuss the lessons learned the hard way in chess. As in knocking our heads against the preverbial wall trying to improve.

My biggest improvement came in my early 20s when I realized there was other ways out of a bad situation besides the immediate one move that saved the piece. In other words: If a piece is doomed to fall you have other recourses at your disposal (hopefully). While going over some games of GM Tal, I observed him ignoring threats in order to counter-threat at an equal or stronger level ie. a larger piece or mate. This also applied to the lose of a piece. Prior to that I would simply do the move that developed me the best or hurt me the least. So now I also look for tactical counterplay during my reasoning.

The other revelation happened here at GK. I came back to chess about three years ago after 10 plus years of hiatus. While playing here I was trying too hard as black to turn the game around. I was trying for the knock-out punch or at least a sucker-punch that would give me the advantage. After some self evaluation, I realized that the best black can do is come out of the opening approximately equal to white if all play well. Some of you players do the same on maybe a bigger scale. Like playing a "cute" move, hoping for the wrong reply instead of playing the best move and expecting the best reply.

So, there are my two lessons learned the hard way.

What about your lessons?

Wayne aka apastpawn

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