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Subject: Novice Nook #15

It's Friday, I'm at work, so I might even be able to post a live link this time. We'll see. The Novice Nook article this week is called "A Counting Primer" and, for beginners, I think it's one of the most important lessons that can be learned. This will especially help folks who are playing OTB as well. It covers material that may be elementary, but any number of intermediate players could benefit from this article as well.

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A great read...

...pity about the errata though. The Keres-Bronstein position appears instead of the student's, and the missing King in the Szabo-Seters game is most likely on g1 (fortunately this isn't important to the position discussed).
I wonder if the first moves of the Szabo game could have been explained a bit more. Heisman asks the reader if 1.d5 is a safe move i.e. doesn't lead to an immediate loss of material (due to its being en prise or after a series of exchanges on the d5 square). Then he demonstates that it is not only safe, but a very good move, leading to a tremendous attack. Very well. But it seems to me one or two comments indicating its safety wouldn't have gone amiss. Why is the recapture 2.Bxd5 better than 2.Nxd5? Ordinarily one would consider the N recapture first, partly to retain the B pair, especially as with the demise of the isolani the position is opening up. The fact is that one wants to keep the N recapture in reserve for a move owing to the threats it will create if Black goes in for another exchange on d5 (after 1.d5 Nxd5 2.Bxd5 exd5 3.Nxd5...) This is relevant to the counting theme of the article, though perhaps a bit more advanced. Black, indeed, didn't want to face this prospect and tried another defence.

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Fix for errata

It took me minute to understand what you were talking about when you mention the errata,
because the file that I have is correct. With some checking I learned that when you download this
Heisman column as a single file, you get a different version than if you download all of his
columns at once. So the fix is to download them all at once in the zipped file linked at the top of
his folder. Then you get the corrected column. It has a date in the footer that is a few days after
the date in the footer of the file you are looking at.

BTW, you guessed the position of the king in the Szabo-van Seters game correctly so you get a
star. <G> And yes, I am still puzzling through the complexities of that position. No surprise since
I have made more than a few counting errors in my time.

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Ah! I didn't know that...

Thanks for the info cascadejames...

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