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Posted by jstevens1


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Subject: A narrow squeak against a lower rated player!

Just to say that I had a very narrow squeak against a player 300 points south of my rating. I played the game called "In The Dentist's Chair" in the public gallery pretty badly and I was sooo lucky to come away with a win in that match. Has anybody else on this forum had a bad experience like this. If so, and you do not wish to post it on the forum you could always send me a PM!

Oh well, Friday today - have a nice weekend everyone!

Bye for now.


Posted by ravster


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I have had such a game also 300 points under my rating. I was soo lucky to win it i annotated it:

It is called 'the win in your hands.


Posted by tugger


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ratings at the time were as follows...

eldude (943) tugger (1709)

a very lucky escape for me, i was beaten, but he timed out... i felt very guilty, but relieved at the same time!

it was an odd game, i made a mistake and dropped a rook, then made a couple of excellent moves to pull back to within a pawn... then i messed up again, he seized upon my mistake and then timed out... a big shame for him really, it would've been his best win... to be fair to him, he's far better than his rating suggests, he has a 40% time out ratio, and as such his rating is much lower than it should be... i'd guess it should be around the 1400-1500 area.

Posted by chessnovice


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I've had similar experiences OTB, particularly in tournament play. I remember there were two years in a row where I was part of a team that wound up pitted against a group of middle schoolers. I never underestimate players by their age, but they were significantly lower rated. Somehow, in both years, I dropped a rook very early in the game and had to fight back to win against very bad odds.

To make matters worse, when I hung my rook, the opponent was literally dancing in his chair! My teammates who looked over at me said I w