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Posted by jstevens1


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Subject: Jo's "Expert Safari Land" Adventure Continues

Here I am, the tiny kitten, still on Expert safari territory - the going has been very tough so far, I have just stepped out of the safari park and have found a short stretch of desert land. I am really thirsty and my skin is thoroughly scratched from attacks from Heinzkats, Leo the Lion and am still swollen through hornet stings from that frightful swarm of Chrisobee. I desperately need water - I need to find an oasis fast, but, wherever I look I am being blinded by the scorching hot sun. I looked to the right and I am blinded by the light - (yes, this is exactly what happened in a training game against Lighttotheright. I did not know which way to turn with my king and paid for my dithering - this game was annotated as "An Expert Lesson in Castling". I stumbled on and f