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Posted by lapsekili


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Subject: f5 as a response to e4

I wondered if there is a response to f5 as an opening.Do you know an opening like that?Someone plays 1...f5 against 1.d4 but is it playable against e4?

Maybe someone thinks i ask a stupid question but it is enough to look at my rating to predict how much chess knowladge i have:D


Posted by nemesis1010


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Fred Defence

Officially it's called the Fred Defence but it is one of the weakest responses possible, due to it exposing the king on a weak diagonal, and therefore hardly ever seen. It's also a response that can lead to the quickest possible checkmate for white, (consider for example 1. e4 f5 2. Nc3 g5 3.Qh5# ...). In other words, it's pretty much unplayable :)

Now I wonder what would hap