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Posted by houseofcook


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Subject: The Lion System

Hi there,

Has anyone played the Lion System similar in some ways to the Pirc or Philidore.
Apparently you can play it as black against almost any opening chosen by white.
I would be interested in anyone's views as it looks an interesting opening to adopt.
Black would play the following moves.
1---d6 2.---Nf6---- 3. Nd7--- 4.----e5 5.--- Be7 6.---O-O 7.---c6 etc.
Does anyone play this regularly ? What are the aims of this opening for the Middlegame ?

I look forward to your replies.

Posted by ionadowman


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There was a thread about this quite a while back.

It seems the Lion is very playable and has a pretty decent record on GK.
I've been meaning to give it a try myself but ... so many openings; so little time... ;-)

Posted by jstevens1


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The Lion System

Here is an unrated game I played against an opponent called dmaestro.

I was white and I played against The Lio