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Posted by jstevens1


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Subject: Two Near-Expert Draws

I have had a good week this week in two of my mini-tournament games. In the Barmy Army Tournament against a player called luke-nl with rating of 1973 I drew and annotated this as Near-Expert Draw Part 1. I then drew another game against a player called michaeltf with an end rating of 1997 in Gothicgirl's Jubilee Party Group 6. I have annotated that as Near-Expert Draw Part 2. Hope you have a good read.

Bye for now.


Chess news:

With Two Rounds to Go, Top Section at Corus Chess Is Wide Open -- It may be a testament to the competitive balance of the top section of the Corus Chess tournament that after 11 rounds four chess players are tied for the lead and another two are within a half point. Or it may be that no one can stand the pressure of being the leader as each time someone has surged to the front of the pack, he has then lost. The latest to wear the mantel of front-runner, only to suffer a setback, was Levon Aronian of Armenia. He beat Michael Adams of England in Round 10 to take over the lead, but then was upended by Leinier Dominguez Perez of Cuba in Round 11. Dominguez now shares the lead with Aronian, Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan (who beat ...

Young chess -- Teenagers dominated the Corus chess festival in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. In the elite A-group, six chess grandmasters shared first place before yesterday's final round, but only Sergei Karjakin, 19, was able to win the last game and leap out of the crowd. The Ukrainian GM scored 8 points in 13 games, edging Levon Aronian of Armenia, Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan and Sergei Movsesian of Slovakia by a half point. The American Gata Kamsky ended with 6 1/2 points. In the B-group, Fabiano Caruana, 16, took first place, defeating England's Nigel Short in the last round. The Italian GM scored 8 1/2 -4 1/2 . GM Wesley So of the Philippines, 15, won the C-group with a 9 1/2 -3 1/2 score. ...

In Startling Finish, Karjakin Wins Corus Chess -- In a finish that probably no one could have foreseen, Sergey Karjakin of Ukraine won the Corus Chess tournament, which wrapped up Sunday. Karjakin’s victory was not surprising because he lacked the ability to win. He holds the record as the youngest chess grandmaster in history and has been ranked among the world’s top 30 chess players since 2006. It was practically inevitable that he would break through one day and win a major chess tournament. No, what was surprising was that he emerged as the sole winner from a six-player tie going into the last round. He was tied for first with Levon Aronian of Armenia, Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan, Sergei Movsesian of ...