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Subject: Unknown: more players


how are you my friend??
I am a captain of a temporary team name of unknown, as we need to decide the team name together. i have just started a great team, take a look, we also have our own team forums, and our aim is to have the friendliest team, and to be right up there with the top teams, we have some great players such as dominic.... and i hope u can join our fabulous team, we want more quality in this team like you. Give it a go, because i know u will enyoy it, you can play as many or as little games as u wish, the advantage of joing this team is that u will be part of something special, and we get u team games, no need to worry about getting those games, we do the work for u!! we will lso have lots of fun together, were we have many ideas such as our own little league, a thing on the forums, where we discuss moves to play against a top gk rated player, were we all can learn. For more info just let me know, as we have the energy and passion to be the best, i am hoping u can join us in that conquest too, i promise not to disapoint u!
we have a very very strong team. Its not that we are just going to be strong, but we are going to be active and a very friendly team. We do this as we have our own team forums!!! Its the team for u, as its a very democratic team, and anything the players want, such as any ideas to improvve the team, such as implementing a team league, then I will try and implement it!! To keep team members happy I will be producing very long team reports, about everything that goes on in the team!!! its also fun too read. I will be doing upto 1000 words long! You think its just playing chess nd scoring team points, we try and learn, and have fun while trying to get the team to the top of the table!!! That will happen as the rating team points will be changed, and as we have such a strong team, we will be aiming for the top. We will also be doing many other things as a team such as an intra tournament, team league. An event where us, the team discuss moves against one of the top players on this site such as cyrano and cairo!!!!
best regards



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we are a top team!!



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i think...

..u allready sent this same message to many players davism...also to players who had allready a team (so they were a part(!) of their team...)
i repeat here(cause u didnot answer to message...) that my team's players are happy with their team and please choose some free (dont play in a team) players to invite in your team...:)
best wishes for your new team davism.

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